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Global Citizenship


Shaan Creations International initiated in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the project “Color Your Life”. “Color Your Life” is a project where the young generation in the Netherlands is encouraged towards global citizenship. The world around us is getting smaller by the possibilities through modern social media. Contacts with people and institutions from distant countries is becoming easier. There is so much information available on the internet. The social media brings us into contact with people from the other corner of the world in seconds.

The project “Color Your Life” is performed in two countries namely the Netherlands and Suriname.


In Suriname, many primary and secondary schools, and even the high schools are visited with information activities concerning global citizenship and suicide prevention. The educational film “Silent Tears” is screened, the young people (students) get various brochures handed out, there are interactive discussions, the possibility of assistance is offered, presentations are given, etc. The parents of the students and people from the countryside are possibly involved in the program activities.

There is great interest in the project activities and schools are willingly offering to participate in the project. Activities are organized in the mornings, afternoons and evenings as we want to reach as many people as possible and give them the opportunity to participate in the activities. Most activities are carried out in the districts in the schools, through social institutions, libraries, public authorities and everyone can visit the programs.

In addition 25 professionals and semi-professionals are trained as social workers. After this training they will be able to offer assistant to problem children and problem families. Assistance to children in the districts needs a lot of attention because there are few facilities for this. Many children have to deal with neglect, abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, alcohol abuse, mental health problems, depression etc. We as an organization have taken the initiative to contribute in changing that. Every school should have at least one counselor who can provide help these children.

In the training courses (college level) we teach several themes such as: successful communication, meta-communication, communication styles, solution based therapy, depression and suicide, behavioral problems, aggression, etc. The first training session was realized in Paramaribo from February 27 to March 3 in 2012.


A cosmopolitan is in search for unity in diversity, what bonds us together culturally and religiously. Only when we recognize who we are, what values ​​we have inherited and the diversity within our own community, we can enter into dialogue with others. A global citizen is convinced that everyone is part of the same world. He pays attention to and has knowledge of the national and international context in which events occur. He has the ability to see his life from a broader perspective and understanding. A cosmopolitan cherishes diversity and demonstrates real commitment and solidarity towards other people. He knows that his behavior may have an impact on the environment, the animals and the people on earth. Global citizens realize that they are responsible for the future of everyone and they can solve common problems together. A cosmopolitan strives for world democracy. Participation at local and global levels and by joining all forces and concerns from below, he can organize and improve the world.