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School Programs


Do not limit your knowledge about global citizenship!


One of the activities of Shaan Creations International in The Netherlands and other countries concerns the youngsters and their involvement in Global Citizenship and International Development. We have to find ways to get our young generation involved in programs that contribute to our sustainable world. Not because we want to keep our youngsters busy with work, but because it is a necessity that young people participate in such programs. The young generation will decide the future of the sustainability of our world. 

We visit several elementary, secondary and high schools with programs like:

  • Screening of short films: these films are recorded in the developing countries (India, Suriname, Mauritius) where we undertake the development activities. Students in The Netherlands can see what the situation is in these countries and how we implement the project activities. This is an efficient way of getting the students acquainted with the developing countries.
  • Giving presentations: this is a good way to give a lot of information in limited time span. But it is efficient because you can select the information that is important for the target. Presentations can be adapted according to the changing targets as we implement the programs in different schools.
  • Distributing printed brochures and other material: is a way of giving the students the basic information that everyone should know about global citizenship and development. Children should be given this information in the elementary schools as part of their lessons.
  • Creating lessons: is a fantastic source of working with global citizenship and development. We have created several lesson materials for the elementary schools. This includes special posters of developing countries with their flags, in which part of the world the countries are located and the number of people who live in these countries. Besides that we have made special game lessons such as: word fields, word memories and flag memories. 


    What you learn when you are young!

  • Organizing interactive discussions with the students: is way of knowing what the young generation knows about global citizenship and development. It’s also the way to communicate with them about the issues in the world and their opinions about potential solutions. 

This is how we get them involved in working with us in expanding their knowledge of global citizenship and development. The Dutch government has also programs to inform the young generation about global citizenship and development. An organization, which specializes in providing information, is NCDO. There are tons of information available on their website. Visitors have the opportunity to send in their questions about global citizenship and development. 

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