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Social Training


The training as social counselor is part of the project “Color Your Life”. The project is implemented by Shaan Creations International with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Netherlands. With this project we want to establish more social counseling for school children who suffer from social negligence in their personal lives. The goal of the project is to provide a selected number of candidates the training for social counselor and to provide them the tools for counseling and guiding in solving social problems of children and problem families in the districts.

On the councilors commit themselves to the provide social assistance to schoolchildren and problem families in the districts. The expenses of the training are funded by Shaan Creations International. This includes course materials (books, handouts, information brochures, etc., breakfast, snacks and drinks on the training days). Requirement for participation in this training is that the participants must be available for five days (Monday to Friday) and must be clearly motivated for the training and the commitment to be dedicated to work through schools in the districts. The expenses for the work they do for Shaan Creations International will be paid to the counselor by SCI.