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Shaan Creations International has experienced a tremendous growth in the last 5 years in their activities as well as professionalism of the organization. Established in the nineties, with several volunteers at its basis, the foundation was meant to promote cultural cohesion in the Dutch society.  Meanwhile the aim and purpose of Shaan Creations International has grown far larger in format, with projects of international standards. Cultural and art projects, social and society development, medical issues and educational development programs are organized and executed yearly in the Netherlands, India and Suriname. The Millennium Goals are the basis for Shaan Creations International to initiate and execute programs and projects.

Shaan Creations International dedicates all their programs for the betterment of the people in our society, who benefit in whichever way from our programs. We strive for a better world where everyone can live in peace and harmony, where every child can go to school, where we have no hunger and diseases and where political power will be used as a mechanism to change the world into a world near heaven.

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Help the world!

  1. There is so much food in the world that no soul has to be in hunger. Still millions of people die of hunger every year. Why?
  2. There is so much antiretroviral available in the world that every hiv positive or aids patient can be provided with it, but antiretroviral is made available for just 20 percent of the infected. Why?
  3. There is so much wealth in the world that a house can be build for every single human being, still millions of souls live on the streets. Why?
  4. Every country has so many possibilities for education of every child, still millions of children can not go to school. Why?
  5. Drilling and placing a well in every village in the third world countries costs between 300 – 500 euros only, but still millions of people don’t have clean drinking water. Why?
  6. Tuberculosis and malaria should not be a killing diseases with the modern medicines and drugs which are available, still millions die of tuberculosis and malaria every year. Why?
  7. The institution of every country says that women have the same rights as men and they are equal to men, still the institutional rights of millions of women are violated and millions are killed every year. Why?
  8. Open and fair trading in the world and no child labour. Still many countries are prevented to export their  products and child labour is as much part of our life as it was in the seventies. Why?
  9. Billions are spent on fighting unnecessary and self designed wars and buying military equipment, but there is no budget for solving domestic issues as: health service, housing, infrastructure, creating employment, hunger, poverty etc. Why?

These are just some examples of how hypocrite facts are in today’s world. Politics play such an important part in all these issues. It’s like a game they play: You think something else, but you say something else. You say something else, but you do something else. And who are the victims of politics? The common people, of course! Governments have billions to spend on these global issues, but just a small part of the money is spend on the real issues. Big NGO’s get billions of dollars/euros to spend on these issues, but most of the money is spend on the NGO’s itself.

With most of the money, which is meant for solving these global issues not being spent on these matters, how will we ever have a peaceful and harmonious world? The work of smaller NGO’s is by far the most important and most effective in the fight against all these global issues. It’s the work of organizations like ours that have the best results. And the most important part is that we do the same work with a much smaller budget, but with better results.

Shaan Creations International is a small NGO in comparison of many big NGO’s but our work has been most effective with great results in the past and present. Keep on supporting our activities because this is truly a wonderful contribution you make for the betterment of our own world.