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Global Citizenship


Shaan Creations International has initiated in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the project “Color Your Life”. “Color Your Life” is a project where the young generation in the Netherlands is encouraged to be part of global citizenship. The world around us is getting smaller in means of reachability by the capabilities of modern media. Contacts with people and institutions from distant countries are becoming faster and easier. There is so much information available on the Internet. The social media brings us into contact with people from the other corner of the world in a matter of seconds.

The project “Color Your Life” is performed in two countries namely the Netherlands and Suriname.



A global world for everyone!

In the Netherlands, we visit the elementary and secondary schools in the southern region with our project activities. Students of different schools take part in various activities. First we do a baseline assessment of the knowledge on topics as: international cooperation, global citizenship and development among these youngsters (students). We do this by using a survey form specially designed for this purpose. Following this, various informative activities are organized for these young students. They get a variety of information brochures handed to them, get to watch short films and presentations based on development, participate in interactive discussions, etc. They also have the possibility to discuss their ideas with us, so that we as an organization can use these ideas in our feature programs. The intention is that these young people are injected with a dose of information on international cooperation, global citizenship and development through these activities.

Consequences of this working method are that these young people are activated to be active in this field. This means a positive behavioral change related to global citizenship and greater involvement in international cooperation and development. They can also take the initiative to undertake activities themselves. This represents a marked change in the vision of the youth in the area of global citizenship.



Collaboration with one vision!

Without a doubt it is important to inform the people in the Netherlands as much as possible about the international cooperation activities of Shaan Creations International. We create more support for development among the Dutch population. This leads to greater understanding for development, support and reinforce positive behavior among the Dutch. In realizing this we undertake various activities in the secondary and high schools in the Netherlands. These activities contribute to the goals of our project and the Dutch citizens get more involved in international cooperation and global citizenship. Especially at a time when the whole world suffers from the consequences of the financial crisis, it is important that we do not abandon countries with great economical slump. It is the sole purpose that we help the underprivileged in society in these vulnerable countries. The activities we undertake within the context of the prgrams of “Color Your Life” include:

  1. Conducting a baseline survey among secondary and higher education on the knowledge of international cooperation.
  2. Conducting various presentations on development projects in developing countries.
  3. The screening of video films on development projects.
  4. The design of various project tasks in which the students can participate.
  5. Establishing contacts between young people, schools, institutions and organizations in developing countries and The Nehetlands.
  6. Informing young people about the opportunities for private initiatives. 


    Smile to the world and the world will smile to you!

An important element in our project is the focus on suicide prevention and counseling troubled and dysfunctional families in developing countries and the Netherlands. If we make a comparison between the Netherlands and Suriname, both countries have high numbers of suicide cases. The same can be said for disturbed and dysfunctional families. Although the reasons for these social problems in both countries differ, there are some similarities to mention. We investigate the causes taking into account the cultural backgrounds of people and look at the opportunities for appropriate actions to contribute in solving these problems in developing countries and the Netherlands as well.

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