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Little Stars


New books for everyone at LSS.

Photo 1. New books for all of us! Yeah!

Little Stars School is located in the holy city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh in India. It is a school where about 500 children from poor families receive free education from kindergarten to 10th standard (secondary school level). In addition to the free teaching, Little Stars School is also a hostel for accommodating homeless girls. Currently there are 25 young girls staying in the hostel. These young ladies must be protected otherwise they end up on the streets where they fall victim to the many dangers in society such as rape, sexual abuse, murder, kidnapping etc. Ms. Asha Panday manages the Little Stars School project, a strong woman with a strong will and clear goals. She leads the organization as it should be and where everyone is equal. There is no distinction between rich and poor, or boys and girls. Everyone here has equal rights and obligations.

The Indian government does not subsidize Little Stars School. All operational costs of the organization are sponsored by the private sector. Organizations from the United States of America, Canada, The Netherlands, Italy and England are loyal sponsor partners in a successful existence of Little Stars School. The institute has great value to the poor people of Varanasi as their children get free education, which the normal people cannot afford. Education and care in Little Stars School absolutely free. All costs are paid by Little Stars School. 


Photo 2. Feroz, Dennis, Faziel & Neha chatting with the LSS girls.

Shaan Creations International sponsors and supports all activities of Little Stars School, both financially and materially. As a result, we provide important contribution to the care and social and spiritual education of these children. Every year we make sure that the school has enough books for all the children. In addition, all children get the school materials they need in school to work with. We ensure that the units in the practice rooms are up to date and well so they can work with them.

The success of the organization had led to the construction of a second building, where another 500 children can get free education. This is one of the most successful organizations in India that provide free education to many children. Shaan Creations International is happy and proud to contribute to this wonderful enterprise. 

Photo 1: Children receive new textbooks for the new school year. Shaan Creations International has gifted a complete package of new school textbooks for all classes so that they are not dependent on others when it comes to books and school materials.


Photo 3. Delivery of school books and school materials for the LSS project.

Photo 2: Neha, Faziel, Dennis and Feroz in conversation with the cute young ladies during one of our visits to the Little Stars School Project. These ladies are always happy to see us back.

Photo 3: A load of purchased school materials; various textbooks and learning materials for the practical classes, for physics and chemistry. The absence of these materials resulted that the children could no longer follow the practical classes. This problem has been fully resolved by Shaan Creations International by purchasing these teaching materials.

Training and education is very important for a better future for the young people in third world countries (developing countries). Shaan Creations International is focusing on better opportunities for youngsters in the area of training and education.

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