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SMC Training

Sociaal Maatschappelijke Counseling (SMC)

Shaan Creations International has designed a course which provides candidates more tools and knowhow in the field of social counseling for children, parents and families. This course is a certified training of 5 days. During the course, the participants are teached several techniques in modern communication. This will make them more assertive so they can handle cases with more confidence. Topics covered during the training include: how to communicate successfully, meta communication, personal communication styles, solution-focused counseling, depression and suicide, behavioral issues, how to handle aggression, techniques in communication, etc. The course is provided on a higher professional level and is meant for teachers, parents, nurses, social workers, government workers, company workers and everyone who is active in the field of communication and counseling. Materials used during the course are included and not charged extra.
During the training several short films are screened. These short films with different topics have been made by Shaan Creations International specially for the purpose of this course. A number of presentations are also part of the course that highlight the content of the course. Professionals such as psychologists, doctors and officials from the justice department are recruited as guest lecturers.

People, organisations and companies who are interested in this course can make a booking by e-mail of calling the number of Shaan Creations International.

SOCIAAL MAATSCHAPPELIJK COUNSELOR training 2015: datum binnenkort.


Aanmeldingsformulier SMC 2014