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Little Hearts


Little Hearts Orphanage is a childcare and education center for children who have been affected by the impact of HIV/AIDS in and around Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. The parents of these young children died at a young age to the consequences of AIDS. Thus these children end up on the streets because they have no one to take care of them and to shelter them. Often they are expelled from the community. Little Hearts Orphanage shelters around 50 of these unfortunate children. Besides shelter, these children get healthy food, clothing, education and lots of love. Little Hearts is committed to these children to educate them and bring them back in the community so they can have a better life in the feature.


Little Hearts: Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Neha Shaan & Mrs. Mamatha

Using funds from development purposes, Shaan Creations International renovated the orphanage and constructed a second floor on the building. This gives the children residing in Little Hearts Orphanage more space for living and playing. In addition, a large number of children will be educated for free. It is an institution where underprivileged children get the opportunity to develop themselves and get the opportunities for a better life.

The life of the poor people in this part of India is an abomination. Their daily struggle to survive is very hard. Besides hunger and poverty, they must also try to survive the dire consequences of life-threatening diseases such as, HIV/AIDS, malaria, leprosy, etc. Although the Indian government is quite committed to the lives of these people to improve the situation, the results are not impressive. The problem is so extensive that a thorough and widespread approach is a necessity. But the cost of this approach will cost billions of euros, which is not there. On the other hand, the outcomes of small projects are very inspiring. It is easy to monitor and manage the project with very good results. Our project is a typical example of that. 


Little Hearts: Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Amit Shaan, Dennis & Faziel. Shopping for construction purposes!

The success of Little Hearts Orphanage has resulted in the construction of a third floor on the building. This is a wonderful development for the children living here. The building is getting bigger, the facilities are getting better and this results in the children getting more and better opportunities for a better life in society. This is how it should be in practice. The person responsible for the wellbeing of Little Hearts Orphanage is Mr. Prasanna Kumar who has dedicated his life for the betterment of underprivileged children in the community in and around Nellore. The world needs many more people like Mr. Prasanna Kumar for he knows what it really means to shelter and educate these children. Any kind of help for Little Hearts Orphanage is welcome.

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