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AMBAR -the movie

Premiere of AMBAR-the movie:
Date: Tuesday June 14 2016
Time: 19.30 hours
Theatre: Pathé Buitenhof, Buitenhof 20, The Hague


Production: Shaan Creations International
Writer & Director: Amit Shaan
Music: Shaan Digital Media & Shailendra Bhoelai
Editing: Shaan Digital Media
Camera: Tino Strijker, Dennis Mahangoe, Amit Shaan
Shot in: Netherlands, USA & Mauritius
Language: English (Dutch subtitles)
Duration: 90 minutes

Neha Roeckshana Shaan, Seda Kilic, Daphne Zipper
Jaapjan de Back, Hanneke Wiersma, Roy Bronsgeest
Guus Waalwijk, Jeritza Abdala, Hans Kluit
Janet Haringsma, Bob Smit, Atilla Sen
Roshan Hassamal, Vania Ramjan, Vishnee Dubessay

Julio Cesar Neves Dias, Lina Khan, Amit Shaan

AMBAR is the story of a young and strong advocate (Ambar) and her two associates; Meera and Stefany. As they are new to their profession, they have to deal with certain insecurities. But fate has a great opportunity in store for them. Do they dare to take the risk? How they manage to succeed is the essence of the story. Partially based on true events, AMBAR is a heartwarming experience.